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All the time catastrophe is a "hot topic" and often serves as a political game. The opposition accused the government of niedopilnowanie duties on the organization of Katyn. They talked about the fact that the presidential plane, which flew for the celebration of the Katyn crashed and probably no one survived. Killed min: Lech Kaczynski and his wife Maria, Ryszard Kaczorowski, and Jerzy Szmajdzinski. Catastrophe forever changed the course of history was 10 April 2010. Although gone from her for over two years, it still is a very common topic of debate. A day like any other. There were also many questions on the presidential couple buried in Wawel. In the media after a period of mourning, the real storm broke. Smolensk were killed in the crash up to 96 people. The most tragic event in this century, and who knows, maybe in the whole of Polish history. Other political opponents threw the blame for the catastrophe. Unfortunately, despite many arduous tests and analyzes still do not know exactly what caused this great tragedy. However, shortly after 900 Polish time begun to assert our messages getting worse. On board were the same important personalities who got in the press, the term "flower of the Polish intelligentsia."

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